Müse Concierge

Concierge by MüseApps is a software solution borne out of necessity. Developed in the midst of COVID-19, Concierge provides a revolutionized way of handling mobile orders in a COVID safe environment.

Müse Apps Concierge - mobile driver arrival notification service

What does it do?

In a nutshell - a COVID safe way to be alerted when mobile drivers arrive for their order.

Mobile drivers (Postmates, Uber Eats, Doordash, etc.) arrive to pickup their order from your restaurant. You want to keep them OUTSIDE of your restaurant or in a centralized location but this means you don’t know WHO’S arrived to pickup WHAT order!

So to find out who has arrived, you have team members continuously walk out to the designated area and verbally collect names and orders and relay that info to your inside team ... hundreds of times a day ... wasting money, time, and energy.

With Concierge, the mobile drivers arrive and with their own mobile device, scan your customized QR code you’ve placed on signage and are taken to a simple 1 page website.

Quarantined mobile food delivery drivers

The drivers give their order name and vendor and click "SUBMIT" and immediately you’re notified inside the restaurant of that driver’s arrival. On any device you have in the restaurant you see who’s checked in and can assemble their order and hand it off to them.

Once that’s done, you “COMPLETE” the order and the queue is updated.

It’s simple but VERY effective.

Mobile drivers stay distanced from your staff, while also keeping your dining room safe and organized.


  1. “Launcher Files” that open your Muse-Concierge app that you can add to as many devices as needed. These devices include: iPad, iPhone Apple Laptop, Apple Desktop, Windows Desktop, and Windows Tablet devices.
  2. 5 User Licenses.
  3. Private Secured Servers to host your data and your licensed copy of Muse Concierge.
  4. A dedicated single webpage connected via API to your server where mobile drivers (customers) will check-in using their own mobile device. Note: depending on your situation, you may prefer to use a Kiosk instead of a webpage for customers to check-in. A Kiosk is a digital device such as a tablet, touch screen monitor, etc. that will reside somewhere within your restaurant where your drivers will check-in... thereby bypassing the need for a QR code.
  5. Customized QR code for customers to scan with their mobile device that directs them to your customized webpage for check-in.
  6. Installation. We will supply you with all the details on how to install your Concierge ... but if you need help, we’re a phone call away.
  7. Training. We offer 2 hours (although you’ll most likely only need 20 minutes to get the hang of Concierge) of manager training.
  8. All Software Updates. We offer all software updates for free during the length of your contract.
  9. Tech Support. Have an issue? Call us. We have agents in the U.S. and Germany to help. Our system is solid but if perhaps you have an issue, we'll talk you through it.

What You Need

Hardware. You will need devices to run our software. Currently, our software runs on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), OS X devices (any apple desktop or laptop), or Windows Devices (tablet or desktop or laptop) devices. You can also use a large TV display connected to something like a mini PC or a Mac Mini and use our “Public Display Queue” to show your customers the active orders queue. This is a very popular feature of Concierge.


Below is an example of how you can implement Concierge into your restaurant.

Concierge mobile service implementation

Concierge Setup Examples

Mobile Order Check In
  1. Large “A” frame signage with your QR code. Drivers arrive and scan the code with their mobile device and check-in.
  2. Optional large “Public Queue” TV monitor. This is usually placed in a window for the mobile drivers to see the queue. This not only encourages the drivers to check-in, but also reassures them that you’re assembling their order and will be handing it over soon. Mobile Order Queue
  3. Current Mobile Orders A centralized device (iPad, touchscreen monitor, Windows tablet) where your staff members will see and manage the active. This is where your staff will be hearing and seeing new drivers check-in and then “Complete” the orders that are fulfilled.
  4. Mobile Pickup Check In Optional KIOSK. Post-COVID restrictions will allow you the option to have your drivers check-in at a local KIOSK. The drivers will check-in at one of your devices located within the restaurant without the need for QR codes.
  5. Waiting area. This can be anywhere you desire, but the benefit of Concierge is the ability to keep your mobile drivers in a safe and socially distanced area.


Not just a queue: Performance Graphs

With Concierge, you, as a manager, can see reports of how your mobile orders team is doing. We provide an extensive and illustrative way to see performance reports with just one click of a button. Here are just some examples of what Concierge offers.

Archives Dashboard
Time of Day Performance
Total Completed Orders
Average Fulfillment Time

Cow, Chicken, Doorbell...

When an order comes in, your device can alert you with a “chime” ... so you don’t have to keep your eyes on the device at all times. You can customize the chime sound to your liking.

Settings - alert sounds

It Speaks!

iPad Voice

When a new order comes in, you hear the chime and then a lovely voice tells you the order information and the current queue information.

This is a HUGE help for the busy prep area and a VERY popular feature.

Customer Web Page

When the mobile drivers scan the QR code, they’re taken to a single page website to check-in.

Customer Web Page Portal

Public Screens

We have created Public Screens so that you may display those to the public (mobile drivers). This not only reassures the drivers that you know they’ve arrived, but also encourages them to check-in via Concierge so that you’ll know who has arrived for their order.

Public Queue Screen

You can display this on a large TV monitor for all the drivers to see!

  • Faster order completion times.
  • Keep all mobile drivers distanced from your walk-in customers.
  • Get notified when mobile drivers arrive to pickup their orders.
  • Eliminate the need to hire an extra team member to act as a real-life concierge.
  • Contact

    For sales, technical, or any other questions, you can reach us at info@museapps.com.