What Software Do We Make?

Muse-Med (ASC Management Software).
Muse-Concierge (Mobile Check-In for COVID safe businesses).


We worked hand in hand with CRNAs, Nurses, Dr's, and ASC owners to bring you the most flexible and organized piece of ASC software you can buy. It's super easy to use. Müse-Med is designed with one thing in mind ... ease of use. And patient turnover. And also organization.


Customers (mobile delivery drivers or take-away orders) simply scan your QR code posted at your place of business and you are notified via mobile device, tablet, or computer that your customer has arrived and is ready to pickup their items. PERFECT for restaurants.

Everyone Connected.

Our integrated app consists of desktop/laptop modules and iPad modules that run your entire ASC. While the front desk is booking cases and checking in patients, the medical staff are on their iPads tracking vitals, meds, allergies, surgical implants, inventory, surgical orders ... and much, much more.

Stay Safe. Stay Organized.

The mobile delivery service is an area that is booming. If you're having trouble organizing your flow of walk-in customers vs. mobile pick-up customers, Concierge is your answer.
We allow your staff to be notified when a driver has arrived so you limit wait time and increase profits.

Try it out for yourself.

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